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(We currently offer filing services for Los Angeles County ONLY)

Please click HERE to download the dba application form. It is a fillable pdf and comes bundled with an affidavit of identity and an authorized agent form. Before submitting your form, educate yourself about the format LA County requires – especially what your TITLE should be. Visit the County website HERE and click on the option that applies to you in the examples section. Save whichever business structure example applies to your new business and follow their guidelines when completing the application.

Please do the following: Print out the dba application form, complete it in BLACK INK  and sign it. If you make a mistake you MUST start over. The County WILL NOT accept documents with white-out or crossings out. You then MUST get the attached Affidavit of Identity notarized. You will also need to complete the authorized agent form (bottom section only, titled ‘to be completed by the registrant’).

To avoid delays, please avoid these common mistakes:

1. Please make sure that the signer’s name is EXACTLY the same on three documents. Make sure the notary knows this when completing the affidavit of identity.

2. No colored paper or card stock. Regular white paper only.

3. No hole punches or staples

4. Do not alter or deface the document in any way

5. Make sure the back of your paperwork is blank. Do not print on the other side of previously printed documents.

6. Did you include a way for us to reach you? Please include a Post-It note with your phone number or email address in case we need to contact you. Do not write this information on the application!


If you have more than two business names or more than four registrants, you’ll need to add those on a separate sheet (download below)

Additional Business Names Sheet

Additional Registrants Sheet



Mail the forms to us and we’ll file on your behalf. We file in Norwalk every day and your publication will begin in our next available edition. We publish every Thursday. It’s as simple as that!

What’s Your Mailing Address?

Send to: Mirelle Woolf, 13800 Annandale Drive #40K, Seal Beach CA 90740-5520. FedEx or UPS is fine but please DO NOT send us registered mail. It will delay processing by at least a week.


Questions? Call us at 310/452-2621 OR 562/682-3303

We look forward to serving you!

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